Engel & Völkers On Remote Work and the Influx of Homebuyers



As leading real estate brokerage Engel & Völkers has witnessed, remote work means the ability to relocate.

As the US real estate industry continues to operate in a seller’s market, millions of Americans are seeking their dream homes—under pressure from high demand (and low inventory) and a global pandemic.

Florida’s Emerald Coast is no exception to this market trend. Realtors at Engel & Völkers are seeing a rise in property interest but it’s not just the seller’s market that is causing this influx. People continue to relocate to the area as a result of employers moving to a virtual, remote work environment in response to COVID-19.

Why the Emerald Coast?

Scenic Highway 30A is the crown jewel of Florida’s Emerald Coast. Whether buyers are looking for a vacation home, primary home or an investment property, this pristine location offers an abundance of selling points that are hard to beat.

Furthermore, the ability to work remotely from anywhere in the US has buyers choosing the Emerald Coast for a more laid-back lifestyle with impeccable Gulf views, luxurious beach communities and white sand beaches.

The surge in out-of-state buyers, especially from metropolitan areas, has caused the market in the area to become extremely competitive with properties selling for record prices in record time.

Interested in viewing available properties? See current listings on Florida’s Emerald Coast at Engel & Völkers 30A Beaches’ website.

About Engel & Völkers

Founded in 1977 in Hamburg, Germany, Engel & Völkers is one of the world’s leading service companies specialized in the brokerage of premium residential property, commercial real estate, yachts and aircraft. Based in over 800 locations in total, Engel & Völkers offers both private and institutional clients a professionally tailored range of services.

The company is currently operating in over 30 countries on five continents. With 961 shops worldwide, and 239 shops operating in the United States, Engel & Völkers has a global reach that other firms do not.


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