Siavash Alimadadi supports impecunious talented singers in his Talent Identification program

Siavash Alimadadi has launched a Talent Identification program that attracts all penniless talented singers.

Siavash Alimadadi, an Iranian rapper whose music is being popular these days, has attempted to attract talented people in terms of music, singing, playing, etc., in the TV program “Become a Star”. So far, 500 applicants have registered for this program, but because of the current state of the world due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the registration is assigned to be online, which is difficult and takes a longer time.

Siavash Alimadadi had explained about this Talent Identification competition:

All the people who think that they are talented, but they have no financial support and the pennilessness has caused their talent to be ignored, can take part in this challenge. There are many of these types all over the world, we are happy that we were able to perform this competition in Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan, three countries whose people are in bad mood, and perhaps by running this program, we can alleviate some of the problems of these dear people.

Siavash Alimadadi is also a successful entrepreneur in Iran.

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