Sonya Sharifi is a young entrepreneur in Germany

Sonya Sharifi is a young entrepreneur living in Germany. She is currently studying BBA (Bachelor Business Administration) in Düsseldorf.

Sonya has seen financial outbreaks at a young age. As she casts her mind back to the time whilst studying at university, she struggled a great deal financially.

To help improve her financial situation, she needed a job to stabilise herself however, this proved to be extremely difficult.

She finally decided that she did not want to have a regular 9 to 5 job and acknowledged that she had a desire to own a business.

After a few months, she got invited by her successful friends to attend an cryptocurrency event.

At this point she hardly knew anything about the industry but wanted to give it a shot. After a year of being involved in the industry

she found this industry very intriguing and interesting .

Although she was not getting paid in the first few months but she took it as a learning curve and knew that one day she will get there .

“I somehow managed to push myself believing that this was a learning curve for me

and I would need to carry on work to gain further experience and knowledge of the industry”.  

Sonya also realised the need to go one step further and invest in herself. She read various books and watched videos of how people had become successful.

She started listening to the advices given by her coaches and implemented this into his daily life accordingly.

It was only a matter of time that she started to get paid in the industry as she started teaching others about the new technology blockchain and cryptocurrency.

She started to conduct big events around the world to help people adapt and understand this new technology which she believes is the future.

She started travelling the world and started to inspire not just women but also people from all age groups. In just 2 years of her being involved in the industry

she became a successful name in the insdustry and is planning to change hundreds and thousands of lives around the world.

While teaching others to become successful, she also wanted to become a lifestyle influencer and use the social media platforms to inspire people around the globe.

She understood the power of digital media and knew that she can inspire many around the world this way who perhaps are not able to attend her events or meet her personally.

She started to post her daily routines and lifestyle online and showed people how they should lead a successful and positive life.

“Successful people have equipped me with the skills and knowledge to make a difference not only for myself but also for others”.

Sonya would like to share her experiences from her success journey,

• First, she recommends finding a good coach for guidance. Further, you should perceive the ability to listen and take on feedback.

• Secondly, surround yourself amongst positive people, who will help push you to achieve your goals.

Lastly, remember no matter what happens, if you are consistent you will achieve success at some point.

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