Who is Saeed Sheni?

Saeed Sheni was born on 06/19/1985. He was born in Tehran and lived with his parents in a family with two other brothers and an only sister.

He started his university education at Naragh Azad University in 2003 and later After graduating from bachelor’s degree, with the help of his father and mother, he started to build an apartment.

He was full of risk-taking and predictive power in the financial markets, because he was able to double his success by predicting and correctly understanding the upward trend and output of the real estate and foreign exchange market, and he turned his unconscious abyss into a currency analyst.

To the extent that he became known as an economic analyst in cyberspace, Saeed’s interests include books, sports, movies, and travel. Until the age of twenty-four, he has gained significant positions in wrestling, such as the national champion and the champion of Iranian students And since then, he professionally pursued bodybuilding, which was able to achieve success and championships in this sport as well. With the presence of Instagram, he gradually became known as a successful figure, entrepreneur and a successful businessman.

He was a good role model for young people of his age, and it can be said that he is now a famous person on Instagram, who offers motivational and successful posts and videos for others. He even shares the executive stages of his work on Instagram to motivate young people, and is currently building several residential and villa projects at the same time, including the luxurious Emirate of Kings.

It is interesting to mention that Mr. Saeed Sheni is a single person who, with his daily style and stories about his life, lifestyle and sports, has made him a popular and beloved person, especially for Iranian men and women.

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