AMALA and N.F.L Nique are Working Closely with Jovan Wallace AKA Ghost


AMG artists AMALA and N.F.L Nique are getting ready to release some new anticipated music. Founder of AMG, Jovan Wallace a.k.a “Ghost” is making sure all the right steps are being taken for a successful release.

Both of these artists are already known for releasing great music. However, as most people know, making great music is only half the battle. Ghost is doing what any great management/label owner would do and is making sure that Amala and N.F.L are positioned as strongly as possible for a great release. AMALA is getting ready to release “Woah” while N.F.L Nique is getting ready to release “4 Certain”.

Jovan states that right now his long-term goal is to get his artist on the Billboard Charts, a Nationwide tour, and get them on a few movie soundtracks. This will give them the leverage to share their story and show the world how great this team is.

If you have not heard of AMALA or N.F.L. Nique, then you can follow them using the links below. If you want to get in contact with the label owner, Ghost, you can also find his Instagram link below too!

Ghost : https://www.instagram.com/allmasterminds/?hl=en
Amala: https://instagram.com/askaboutamala?igshid=bladk2g66v2m
N.F.L Nique: https://www.instagram.com/nflnique/?hl=en

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