Bolli Blas & Her Vision Of Art


Bolli Blas is a creative & talented artist who loves to create paintings with a wide-eyed character, Bollis. Through her artwork, she tries to bring important changes to the world by representing her vision of Utopia with her art.

Her art is inspired by the street art and crafts that she had seen during her backpacking travels through Central and South American, and Africa. Bolli Blas has taken part in international exhibitions in many countries and she is ready to continue her participation in solo & group exhibitions and art fairs in 2021 in NYC, Madrid, Paris, Milan, Nice, and London.

Her artworks also ask people to question their beliefs. According to Bolli Blas, the inspiration for her art came from her backpacking travel days when she would see street art and crafts by going through Central and South America and Africa.

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