Chatting with Mark Donahue about his Blockbuster Book ‘Fat Girl’


Mark Donahue’s books have all been bestsellers, and with more to come there is little doubt that he will set the literary world on fire with those new books too. Donahue also has a unique and compelling ability to write in multiple genres, which is a rare talent, and ‘Fat Girl’ is a very real and amazing example of this ability. Recently ‘Fat Girl’ stormed the bestseller list and has had readers and critics recommending it.

In ‘Fat Girl’ the protagonist is 19, bedridden and weighs over 800 pounds. Her mother throws a small fortune at this issue, desperately trying to gain control of Sara’s weight. It all results in nothing. When Elaine discovers she’s terminally ill, she realizes someone will need to take care of Sara 24/7 and manage her estate after she dies. She settles on a young estate attorney from Chicago, Brandon Parrish. When first approached with the scheme Brandon scoffs at the idea — until he learns for every year Sara lives a $250,000 annual stipend will be paid, with a $1 million bonus on each 4th year anniversary of Sara’s life.

Taking the deal, he enlists the help of a former frat brother, now a physician, and together they come up with a comprehensive medical plan to keep Sara alive–it’s called a coma. It works because she loses weight and is transformed.

You can see why this book has captured reader’s attention and set the literary world on fire, and why it is the summertime read of 2021.Recently Donahue took some time to chat about his process and what’s coming next.

Talk to us about ‘Fat Girl’. What was the inspiration behind the story and what reaction did you hope those reading the story would take away from it?

I had an obese neighbor who I saw struggle with her weight for over 20 years. She was my inspiration, especially after I spoke with her one afternoon and got to better understand her challenges.

From the human perspective much can be said about the actions that are transpiring between Sara and Brandon. There is almost a parley of emotions that take place when she is in a comatic state and the thought process that he is mentally undergoing while taking advantage of her for money and position. As an author it is almost as if you need to write in a double mind set or even double story to merge those emotions together into a story, what was that process like and what reaction do you hope your audience gets when they read through the pages?

Not being an obese young woman and facing the challenges she would face day to day, I needed input from men and women who were afflicted by obesity on both a physical and psychological level and build my story on what if heard and observed.

From start to finish the story grabs you, there is crime, thrills, ghastly chills and so much more. What common themes do you see and hope others see when they read your book and why?

I want people to see that Sara is mad as hell and she’s not going to take it anymore.

Do you ever foresee ‘Fat Girl’ being turned into a movie or even a sequel?

‘Fat Girl’ is already in pre-production as a feature film. 

What was one of the final key elements that for you as an author made it all come together?

The ending of the book was a challenge. Then at dinner one night with a doctor friend of mine, he had an idea. I stole it.

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