Danny Duenas, the co-founder of My Mixtapez, a thriving music app, explains how people can succeed in the music industry


My Mixtapez has become the hot favourite amongst all hip hop music lovers as a free app for downloading and streaming tracks and available mixtapes.

Of all the things that have attracted the attention of people from across fields and industries, the rise of many new entrepreneurial talents and innovative brands have made the most headlines. The music industry has so far thrived because of many such innovative minds that believe in offering something new to people always. My Mixtapez stands tall amongst such innovations in the world of music, thanks to the creative souls and brothers Danny, Ricky and Juan Duenas, who brought their visions of a music app into reality in the form of My Mixtapez.

Launching it in 2011, at a time when music apps were still growing and no one thought of specializing it only for hip hop lovers, My Mixtapez stood as a winner amongst them. Today, their app has earned over 5.7 million active users, which proves its prowess and excellence in the music niche as a music app that loves to serve listeners with the best of hip hop beats and music. Danny Duenas, who co-founded it, has today come forward to explain how people can succeed in the music industry.

  • Be optimistic: The journey is never going to be easy, but it is also not going to be dull, says Danny Duenas. Amidst the many challenges, people who wish to make it either as singers or tech and music app owners must make sure to stay positive and work their way up optimistically.
  • Network more: If people think they are only going to get ahead with their talents, then they must reconsider this as Danny Duenas feels that people need to create more contacts and do more networking to meet more likeminded people in the industry who can help them get ahead in their endeavours in music.
  • Know the rivals: For creating a top music app like My Mixtapez, Danny Duenas says that aspiring entrepreneurs must also know and understand how their rivals work in the industry and where they excel at. They must work around fulfilling a need in the industry, something that others are not doing.

As one of the best downloading and streaming apps and websites, My Mixtapez has truly taken the hip hop culture to unbelievable success and have made many fall in love with the tracks they offer that are rare gems in music, which people would hardly find anywhere else. Apart from that, My Mixtapez excels at offering daily music news, making it an even more unique app worldwide.

Kindly visit their website, https://mymixtapez.com/, or follow them on Instagram @mymixtapez to know more. You can follow Danny Duenas on Instagram : https://instagram.com/_el_brain_

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