Decorating Your Home With The Right Items Is Easier Than You Think


When you have lived in your home for many years, and feel like it’s time for a change, you don’t necessarily need to go all out and replace everything. With the right tips, all it needs is changing a few things in the right ways and it could look brand new! Unsure where to start? The tips below can get you off in the right direction.

Keeping it Simple

There is nothing worse than furniture that does not match or looks out of place. When careful thought is put into your home’s interior décor, with the simplest changes, you can make your home look new again and add some pizzazz while you’re at it. Now and again, homeowners should change things around, to keep the space interesting, as there is a tendency of getting bored with it.

The right types of high-end luxury items, such as the selections displayed on websites like www.pennymorrison.com  can make a whole lot of difference to any room. Depending on the type of style you go for, for instance, a modern look or a contemporary one, choosing the items is one thing, and placement is another.

Start With The Most Important Piece

The rule of thumb is to start with the biggest piece in the room, which would typically be the most important and expensive. If for instance, you’re looking at the family or living room, this would possibly be the furniture. Investing some time and money in choosing the right furniture will save you from getting rid of it after a few years.

  • Choosing the right sofa entails a few things:
  • Choosing the right style
  • Looking through a few fabric colour palettes
  • Considering the shape
  • Choosing the filling

Once you have decided on the 5 aspects above, then you can move onto the additional accessories. Pillows and rugs! These can make a big difference to the room as a whole. Some of the best luxury brands on the market have a selection of items you can choose from which sells a variety of different cushions and pillows to complement any sofa set.

Going for bold colours such as reds, and greens is a good idea. You can opt for pattern fabrics like a pink embroidered cushion or a white Azteca embroidered cushion. Perhaps your living room leads to the outside patio, you can match these cushions on your garden furniture as well. A Zanzibar blue outdoor long cushion is a great way to add some colour to wooden patio furniture.

It’s All About Layering

One important suggestion that many famous interior decorators speak of is – layering. What do we mean by this? Adding a rug or two is a good start. Throw a tribal pattern rug on the floor and see what a difference it makes. Choosing the main colour for the room is a great way to add extra accessories. If for example, the walls are burnt orange, your rug can be brown or beige. The floor is a blank canvas, and throwing splashes of the right colour on it can enhance it tremendously.

Other suggestions are to add small furniture such as an ottoman, or glassware and ceramics. Starting with the biggest and working your way to the smallest makes things a lot easier.

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