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Concerns about global sustainability and the lingering energy crisis are two major factors driving up demand for lightweight timber products. This includes log houses made of durable ethical wood. The market for outhouses, backyard units, and camping cabins is undergoing a significant shift away from concrete and steel-based construction and toward energy-efficient wooden structures. Eurodita Trusted Log Structure Manufacturer,the leading manufacturer of European log cabins, is anticipated to witness its highest annual sales in 2016. A new camping pod model was introduced to boost the company’s staggering growth rates. A new 3m wide camping pod with room for a bathroom was one of the key innovations introduced by Eurodita in 2016. These colossal pods are rot-proof and thermally resistant , with double-locking doors for added security.

The Eurodita Trusted Log Structure Manufacturer based in Lithuania, is firmly placed in the growing log cabin industry in Europe. The company uses glulam wood to make sustainable cabins, which is the beneficiary of this change in the purchase of feelings across commercial and residential buildings. The 2016 season saw continued expansion in the European log cabin industry. More and more European dealers from EU manufacturers in the east are now supplying their log cabins. Eurodita anticipates a staggering annual growth rate of 60% in 2016. Eurodita, which was founded more than two decades ago, has grown to have a dealer network in over fifty countries around the world. They builds a broad range of log structures from first-rate Siberian spruce, camping pods, garden summer houses, garden furniture, and play houses. The motto of Eurodita was always “You and us grow together.” They attaches great value to both partner and company partnerships.

Within four weeks of receiving an order, the company can meet all of the partners’ needs. Eurodita custom-builds log cabins and log homes for its customers. They are suitable for use in any environment. The company’s wood, timber, and are all very strong.They are suitable for use in any environment. They are resistant to termites and other pests and last for a long time. They can withstand cyclonic storms and earthquakes. Eurodita log structures can also be built on sandy beaches, rocky mountainous terrains, and mountain terrains. This means that the cabins are very easy to transport and install, with minimal costs of maintenance and low construction. With building and interior design innovations, this sector is expected to meet the demand for more customized and stylish products. Each product comes with a 10-year anti-rot warranty to give buyers sense of security about their investment’s return.

Approximately two thirds of its total production is earmarked for log cabin dealers in the UK, Ireland, and the Netherlands. Strict green building standards are increasingly being enforced, creating an indirect demand for better, certified wood products. Prefab glulam homes follow such low emission standards as a favourite wood product. The demand for log-houses where traditionally concrete buildings were normal is fueling heavier sanctions in many countries for not adhering to environmental conservation practice. More than 35,000 log cabins are produced annually. The prefabricated houses of Eurodita are sustainable, which are more likely to survive conventional households. The cabins of the company are specially designed to the needs of wholesale dealers. Every one is tested to eliminate threats to timber construction, such as decline, curvature or distortion. The company’s cabins are specifically built for wholesale retailers and feature a large floor plan

The Eurodita demand ecosystem is healthy for dealers who increasingly order glulam structures for caravans, national parks, hunting trails, playgrounds, etc. Each tested to avoid threats to the construction of wood, such as decrease, curvature or distortion. The firm builds glulam with the best FSC certified Nordic wood. In order to avoid human errors, all production processes are computerized. The fabricator also offers exclusive dealer programs in which companies receive the private label products to the extent Eurodita is a confidential supplier. As a B2B industry specialist, the manufacturer believes that trustworthy business relationships are established in the most competitive, remote and emerging population field.

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