First Staging Expands Its Sought-After Services to London


Home staging is often thought of as a highly expensive service, yet these costs often justify themselves. Fortunately, First Staging has entered the industry, providing its elite staging services by working closely with real estate developers and real estate agents focusing on their niche of high-end luxury staging.

First Staging initially began as a prime staging company by paying movers to put up and break down stages. The company eventually expanded and opened its own moving company, which also offers discounted moves to fellow stagers in the area. Anyone that’s involved with real estate within the United States will greatly benefit from the amazing services that First Staging provides.

Founder and CEO of First Staging, Noelle Trudeau, firmly believes that business is all about people. “I’ve always been good at people, identifying talented individuals and harnessing their talents. We’ve learned how to manage every person every job differently, and we’ve also said yes to every single stage and move that’s come our way. No job is too big, no job is too small,” says Noelle.

First Staging has expanded from its early beginnings, starting from its home in Boston to expanding to New York City, Los Angeles, and Miami. Recently, the sought-after company has managed to expand its services to London, where it offers a unique style of staging where the company has truly found its niche in luxury staging.

This aspect is what truly separates First Staging from the rest of its competition. The company leaves refreshments and does full fridge restocks for the realtor so they can offer the client something to drink during open houses.

Noelle Trudeau has always been a creative individual. She started out by finishing free items on Craigslist, such as nightstands and other pieces of furniture. One day, someone asked her if she had a lot of furniture, to which she replied with a resounding yes. This then led her toward staging her first house. What started as a few pieces of inventory in her Everett apartment quickly grew to a 6,000-square foot warehouse filled with inventory.

Now, Noelle has warehouses all over the United States, constantly growing her company First Staging with each passing day. With their expansion toward London, the company’s goal is to change the game and give realtors and developers the same product at an exceptionally reasonable price.

First Staging is focused on its niche of providing high-end luxury staging, but the catch is, they can only do it for half the price. “It’s all about using pieces that are inexpensive and creating a high-end look. It really is all about how you stage it,” explains Noelle. “89 percent of buyers’ eyes go to the living space of the home, where they are going to entertain, and that we have down to a tee,” she adds.

In the near future, Noelle Trudeau sees First Staging become a massive franchise. The company has all the tools and the correct protocols for people to start their own staging company with the direction that Noelle didn’t have while she was starting out. “We rolled with all the punches and learned from every mistake,” says Noelle. Throughout all the trials and tribulations, the company has grown into a massive success which looks to be expanding more and more.

To know more about First Staging, make sure to visit the company’s official website.

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