Global marketing industry will recognize and respect Luis Begaj for his growth and hard work


This 21 years young man has been changing perceptions about an average 20-something by his accomplishments. The kid, known as Luis Begaj is an up-and-coming social media marketing tycoon. We interviewed him and we are glad to share his valuable journey and life lessons with our readers.

Luis is a resident of Durres, a city in Albania, Europe.

Javu currently has a fan base of around 50 thousand followers on Instagram. The statistics are awe-inspiring even for a full-fledged marketing company, let alone a single digital marketer. For those who don’t know, Instagram is a popular social media platform today, especially amongst the younger generations. His work also revolves around dropshipping apart from social media. Handling two businesses at the mere age of 21 years isn’t a usual sight. It is an amalgam of long work hours and sleepless nights, especially when you don’t have a godfather or a mentor in the industry. In his own words,” People do not know the amount of work I had to put growing this entrepreneurial project of mine. Since in an early age, I was very keen on Socials and I loved doing business. Beside this, I wanted to generate money by working from home, since I never had an actual job. There were a lot of roadblocks and setbacks that I faced out there. Being self-taught has put me in many challenges through these years, but the experience is what has given me successful results.”

One can find true-motivation in the inspiring journey of this young kid. His start may have been a rough patch but all his next steps were smoother and more splendid than the preceding one. He, as a social media expert, now helps other people in facing the obstacles for which he was alone. Let us spread the word about his journey and learn from this gentleman on how to grow business.

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