Iraqi comedian and YouTuber Murtadha arkan aneim

Murtadha arkan aneim (Mortada Arkan Anaim Abd Al-Sarraji) born on 18 april 1995 in karbala.

It has also been operating since 2019.

is a well-known Iraqi comedian who has worked in the field of dubbing films and cartoons in the Iraqi Galician dialect.

He also worked as a comedian on television channels in Ramadan programs, such as the “Jewel of the Satellite Encyclopedia” program

Murtaza Arkan is a poet and belongs to an ancient artistic family His maternal grandfather is the poet Jabbar Al-Shatri and the head of the Iraqi

Poets Syndicate in Basra. Murtaza attended the staff and of poetry festivals since his early life and continued in this field until now

He is also a very clever YouTuber and Flocker, his spontaneous diary has won the admiration of everyone

and his views on YouTube exceed the 70 million views.

Mortada Arkan Nachat has been completed, and it is a project very close to the Iraqi situation

its location, its signature, its signature, and its assistance For some injured in the Iraqi demonstrations. Murtadha arkan aneim

He received certificates of honor for his programs and his humanitarian work. Murtadha arkan aneim

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