Jose Ucar: Top international speaker teaches how to communicate from inside out to realise the life of your dreams


As children we are all creative, active and fully alive beings. Think about your childhood. Maybe you can remember the dreams you had about traveling to exotic new countries, performing in front of an audience, rolling downhill onto a field of buttercups and holding onto that shiny red balloon in anticipation of the surprises ahead.

As we mature, we are met by people who tell us why our dreams aren’t good enough or practical for the real world. We may say that we want to be an astronaut, swim with the stars in outer space and look back at our blue planet and the adults may respond that it’s too dangerous and did we think about how cramped and uncomfortable the spaceship is?

Watching children we can also see how easily they perform and role play for each other and even in front of adults and teachers. They are not yet made aware of other people’s judgments and they can laugh, have fun and express themselves in their most unique and authentic way. Something happens to us between childhood and adulthood that gets in the way of our authentic communication. We start to judge ourselves and eventually our inner critic becomes so loud that we can’t hear the true voice of our own dreams and deepest desires.

Jose Ucar specialises in hearing the voice of his clients’ true desires and with Neurolinguistics Programming (NLP) he strengthens that voice so that it becomes the one that leads, not the inner critic or fear or anxiety. The results are nothing short of a miracle. He’s led many clients into achieving the things they’d forgotten were their wildest dreams.

Jose has achieved many of his childhood dreams like living in an English-speaking country. He’s now living in the UK, a far cry from his homeland, Venezuela. He’s travelled extensively and is currently a sought after public speaker and a happy business owner with two enterprises to his name. ‘Finding Excellence’ is where he coaches his clients to connect with their true selves and express it to become successful communicators. ‘Bros in Marketing’, which he runs with his brother German, is where he works with businesses to help them draw out their uniqueness and communicate it to gain an edge in the marketplace.

If you’re an individual or a business owner looking for that edge, the thing that makes you unique, and are struggling to find it, check out Jose Ucar’s work on Finding Excellence to improve your communication skills and Bros in Marketing to effectively market your business.

World Class Communicator is Jose’s signature online training course and training for people and businesses to inspire them to find and speak their greatness.

To find more inspiration to achieve your best self every day, follow Jose on Instagram @jose_ucar_

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