Meet Sebrina Spencer: An Aspiring Billionaire Entrepreneur Who Jumped Into The Entrepreneurial Bandwagon At Age 7!


When it comes to entrepreneur inspiration, there are few as powerful as Sebrina Spencer— a UK-based entrepreneur who crafted her own destiny by aligning the driving force of entrepreneurialism with her peppy nature in business so that she can live in the lap of luxury and win big on her own terms.

The entrepreneurial journey of the Oldham-born colleen was an amalgam of three traits:  hunger, dedication, and persuasiveness. These traits not only enabled her to live a life 95-point-great but also made her achieve the long-awaited success. 

From launching her own sunglasses brand (called Shades by Bre) to her own best sipping rum brand (The Rum Shot) to selling the highest quality manifestation merch (I Am A Billionaire) to publishing children’s education book (The Powerfuls) — Sebrina Spencer made the best use of all the hours that God sends in doing things that led to the unlocking of an extraordinary life both for her and others as well.

All of her businesses are a pure buffet of goodness. Explaining the attributes of her worldwide ventures, Sebrina says:

“I feel like anybody who shops at my sunglasses line will feel fabulous after wearing my glasses(Shades by Bre). My book (The Powerfuls) is filled with education for children, it is the book that keeps on giving. My drinks brand (The Rum Shot) will make you feel good after you drink them. They are very healthy as they are made with vegan products. (I AM A BILLIONAIRE) changes people’s mindset And helps people to set goals and achieve their dreams.”

But this isn’t it. For greater financial security, Sebrina has invested heavily in forex trading and cryptocurrency (which she calls her main source of income). And all those windfall profits generated from this business source helps balance out cash flow for her especially if there are seasonal fluctuations in one business.

“One of my main sources of income is trading forex and taking full advantage of the digital market [Bitcoin],” says Sebrina.

It wasn’t the ages of maturity when the idea of starting an independent business popped into Sebrina’s mind. She had her entrepreneurial mind in higher gear since childhood. Brainstorming the strategy to earn cold hard cash similar to the fruit vendors in front of her school gates, Sebrina (aged 7 at that time) picked fresh fruits off her grandparents’ land in Jamaica and handed them over to the vendors to be sold on a commission basis. This mini business was something that sparked Sebrina to embark on her own independent career.

“At the age of seven, I went to school in Jamaica. I used to see a group of women at the front of the school selling fruits. I remember I went home one evening and I asked the Gardener to pick some fruits from our land and I went to school at age 7 the next day and asked the ladies at the front of the school to sell my fruits for me. And sure enough, they did and I made a lot of money. It was my own little business that I set up at the age of seven. That was my first experience of becoming an entrepreneur,” says the aspiring businesswoman.

Although passion is important for any business venture, the know-how is of no less importance as well. So, it wasn’t a one-banana task for her to steer on the road to being a successful entrepreneur. She got to grips with both work and education so that she gets dressed to be a millionaire early in life.

“At the age of 17, I went to Bromley College and got my business intermediate certificate. I also did my national diploma in business at the same college. I really had a passion for hairdressing so I decided to put the business aside and at age of 20, I started studying hairdressing levels 1-2 and 3 At Bromley College. At age 31, I decided to go to Business and continue my Studies at Fairfield School of business in Croydon where I did my G NVQ in business,” the perennial entrepreneur adds.  

Though it was education that led to her personal development, on the off-side the educational institutes always talked of the predetermined path that almost 90% of people are expected to take: Completing education, doing a 9-to-5 job, being at someone’s mercy for your bread and butter, and retire at age 65! 

Fortunately, S.Spencer had already experienced the rich taste of entrepreneurship in her childhood days. She, therefore, broke the chains of the convention by paying no heed to nine-to-five things and surged into the entrepreneur’s world to follow her own path. 

She crafted her destiny to be a millionaire by first researching the business subject, then exploring its potential and competitiveness, and then brainstorming the techniques to make the startup scale the dizzy heights of success. All this did monopolize much of her brain power, but she knew she had already classified herself as a brave flyer in the face of “employment” and that there’s no turning back, except to go into the grind to make her fortune as an entrepreneur. 

The implementation of the right idea at the right time, strong commitment to goals, and the backing by the right people – set Sebrina on the up and up with each one of her ventures.

She further commented:

“My dad and my mum are my total inspiration. Literally, everything I do in life is to make them proud of me. And of course, my beautiful sister Keisha Spencer has always believed in me, she was my first best friend. I am also very grateful for the help and support from my partner Yinka Adewoyin. I literally wouldn’t be where I am today if each and every one of them didn’t support me. It is so important to have a solid foundation with your family.”

Sebrina knows that with great power comes great responsibility as well. Therefore, she spends the free hours of the day supporting the larger community and doing a power of good to future entrepreneurs.

“First Advice would be never to give up. Please write down your ideas as soon as you get them. Don’t be afraid of hard work. Self-development is so important. Gain substantial knowledge of the field you are in and most of all have belief in yourself. 

Not everybody is going to like you but I’m okay with that. Not everybody can see your vision or understand you. Not everybody is going to want to listen to you. Not everybody is going to want to see you do better than them. Not everybody is going to clap for you when you win. But if you believe in yourself there is no greater satisfaction than doing what you set out to do.”

Sebrina Spencer is a UK-based entrepreneur running multiple businesses with worldwide operations. Having lived in Birmingham, London, Miami, Jamaica and New York – the budding entrepreneur aspires to jump into the billionaire bandwagon soon via her own independent career.

Sebrina’s Business Details:

→ Sunglasses Line » www.shadesbybre.com

→ Manifestation Company »  www.Iamabillionaire.co.uk

→ Her book: The Powerfuls » You can find on Amazon and BarnesAndNoble.  

→ Her drinks line: The Rum Shot » @therumshot @vegalicious @jerk_and_juice @jerkplum or at Bluejay Cafe London, 2 Market Parade, South Norwood, London SE25 4PP

Sebrina can also be contacted via her official email [Sebrina.Spencer@yahoo.com] for any sort of inquiries related to digital currency and/or foreign exchange.

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