Meet the Black Rising Artist Parkito


Emmanuel Owunaka also known as Parkito is a singer, songwriter and a performing artist best known for his singles “Wasted” and “Lucy hale”. Was born on the 18th December year (Unknown) He is a Nigerian citizen, Parkito officially started music in 2018. Most of his musical concerts which brought him to lime light were performed in Port Harcourt. He is a versatile musician who can perform in all genre of music. In an interview Parkito stated that music awakens the soul. He went forward to appreciate his fans and supporters for allowing his music in their hearts, he also stated that “Music is my life, I see myself doing nothing but music, I have a deep passion for music” . Though not signed into any record label, Parkito  is making waves as a young artist and also making efforts for advancement in his music career with a Tag Name “Emoverse” .

In “Lucy hale,” Parkito oscillates between yearning for a significant person and resolving that he needs himself more than anyone else. Swiftly going from a Depressed State  to “I’m the vibe, I’m the leading vibe,” it is indicative of an inner tussle to settle on a firm stance. Songs like this typically don’t break into the mainstream, but Parkito has all it takes to be notable in the Alte Scene.

Following the footsteps of Legends like 2pac to Juice Wrld a lot of Emmanuel peers (such as Rico Nasty and Santi) were building stardom on the foundation of exclusivity and prima-donna tendencies. However, Parkito was building his own vulnerability and providing access to his personal space.

He engaged with followers on Twitter daily with Motivation.

And the game is more divided now than it arguably ever has been, the younger generation of listeners is far more interested in melody than lyrics. For artists that can combine a conscious approach with a particularly vibey atmosphere, they’re offering the best of both worlds. Not very many rappers can say that they’re hitting on both categories, Parkito is one of the few that has the ability to (adeptly) delve into both, Parkito is quite a household name in Port Harcourt city.

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