Nature-Cide: Why It Is The Future Of Eco-Friendly Pest Control


It is inevitable for all of us that, no matter where we go or what we do in our day-to-day lives, we will encounter some kind of exposure to toxic chemical-based pesticides. Workplaces of all forms, from offices to hospitals to classrooms to retail stores are routinely treated with these chemicals to keep pests like insects and rodents away, thus exposing those who go to these locations to such toxins. Restaurants perhaps create these exposures to the general public more than any other establishment. It is very likely that pesticides are present not only on the floors and tables in the establishment, but also in or on your food. This is not only due to direct pesticide application inside of a restaurant or store, but large amounts of the food used in restaurants and sold in our stores is either directly treated with or had some kind of exposure to synthetic and dangerous pesticides.

Med-X, Inc. has recognized these issues and is leading the way to provide new green solutions to such old and dangerous problems. Med-X’s flagship product is Nature-Cide, which is a proprietary line of all-natural, Eco-friendly and highly effective commercial pest control products which have exploded across the United States in just the last few years. Nature-Cide is being perceived as a viable solution to the issues presented by the widespread use of toxic chemical pesticides in numerous different industries and environments. The Nature-Cide line of products have proven to be revolutionary in non-toxic professional pest control and has allowed them to gain serious traction in the industry by solving the problems of many businesses that were looking for an all-natural yet highly effective product to deter pests and rodents. To strike that blend, effectively killing and deterring unwanted pests while still being ecologically safe and economically viable, is something tremendously valuable in the pest control industry which will be transitioning into a new, greener phase along with the rest of the world.

A large part of Nature-Cide’s reach has been through supplying professional pest control applicators via their traditional major pest control product distribution companies throughout the United States. Yet, getting an all-natural product into this distribution position alongside its large corporate chemical competitors was no easy task. Initially when the company tried to penetrate the pest control industry, there was a major push back, as many natural product companies before Nature-Cide created products that did not live up to the hype. However, being a group of pest control specialists themselves, determination set in and the Nature-Cide management began shooting videos of the products at work. Simultaneously, the company began to offer free samples to professional applicators across the country. Management had strong confidence in the product’s effectiveness and knew once it was in the hands of professional applicators, that they would also gain the confidence in the Nature-Cide products and protocols. As expected, typically once a pest control company tests out the free samples of the professional grade Nature-Cide line-up of products for themselves, they discover it actually does a job on par with the synthetic chemicals. Nature-Cide then becomes a new tool in their offerings and they want to purchase Nature-Cide through their traditional distributors. In fact, early on some of these pest control companies started making their own videos about the Nature-Cide products to other professionals on pest control social media groups while others were offering Nature-Cide products to their customers and doing some broad marketing in their immediate regions. And many of their customers also became believers and now request treatments using Nature-Cide products. Such brand effectiveness and safety quickly created demand from professional pest control applicators from coast to coast.

Due to this fast paced growth within professionals, Amazon put a lot of trust in Nature-Cide, seeing potential in the Nature-Cide consumer “Ready to Use products” as a perfect fit for consumers. Amazon began fulfilling for Med-X, preparing and shipping the Nature-Cide products for consumers for the company rather than the company carrying out these responsibilities themselves. To have such a fantastic relationship with a giant like Amazon is fantastic for the growth of a product.

More recently, Nature-Cide has engaged with more than just Amazon. The Walmart and Kroger marketplaces have also taken an interest in the product, and both have begun listing the Nature-Cide products for Med-X. Now, three large consumer marketplaces will be offering and marketing Nature-Cide to the general public. Such a unique, eco-friendly product being in the hands of so many consumers is a huge boost for the company and its desire to create dominant positioning in the market.

The Future of Nature-Cide.

With such an effective green product line, Med-X began Crowdfunding selling shares of the parent company for as little as $420 and is now backed by over 3,500 socially conscious investors who dedicate themselves and their hard-earned investment money to help make their homes, community and planet a greener and safer place. Having so many investors flock to invest in Med-X’s offering seemingly validates the gigantic need that Nature-Cide seeks to fulfill. And with the explosive nature of the pest control market as a whole, which was at 18 billion dollars in 2018, and is expected to reach a value of 25 billion dollars by 2025, Nature-Cide has been positioned in such a way that it leads the eco-friendly charge within the entire worldwide pest control market. Thanks to Med-X’s clever business practices, Nature-Cide is poised to reach fantastic strides.

At the end of the day, synthetic chemicals are becoming antiquated via legislation changes, country policies, scientific studies, personal choices, litigation and political pressures. Med-X is seeking to improve the environment we live in and is focused on trying to make a difference every day. They are focused on offering Nature-Cide products available to everybody, from large-scale businesses to small families, with affordable pricing. With this practice, they hope to end the dangerous chemical usage that pest control companies have practiced on for decades. Nature-Cide is in place to evolve the industry as a whole, and the world will surely be safer for it.

Med-X is open to queries and interest in the company and its products. Do not hesitate to call 818-349-2870 or to visit their website, www.nature-cide.com, for more information on this rising giant of pest control.

Med-X is open to queries and interest in the company and its products. Do not hesitate to call 818-349-2870 or to visit their website, www.nature-cide.com, for more information on this rising giant of pest control.

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