One young entrepreneur who stands apart from his contemporaries is Lakshay Jain.


A perfect entrepreneur is someone who transforms an idea into a successful business. The thirst to achieve the impossible is what separates an entrepreneur from a common man. The perfect recipe for a successful business is always on the radar of such enterprising individuals who are ready to capitalize on any given opportunity and seize it, not giving much weightage to the risks involved. Many such individuals are youngsters who are willing to give their best to attain success. One such young mind who has taken multiple strides and left his contemporaries far behind is 16 years old youngest tech entrepreneur from India – Lakshay Jain.

Lakshay has proved that hard work and focus can take you places, no matter how tough the path towards success might be, if one is passionate and holds talent, nothing can stop him from achieving your goals. Today Lakshay stands amongst India’s young icons who have made their mark and are regarded as business visionaries whose innovative thought process is capable of doing wonders. Lakshay has done wonders in the field of Digital Marketing and web/app development. Starting his journey at 7 to becoming the youngest entrepreneur at 16, he has indeed come a long way.

‘Mervex’ is his startup which has been nurtured with utmost dedication by this young talent. The company offers various services like web development, app development, and Digital Marketing. Lakshay has successfully published more than 100 projects to date and is constantly pushing his company’s reach to global markets.

It would be interesting to know how this young lad started his journey and how he moved ahead keeping aside the difficulties and setbacks to achieve this position. It’s surprising to know that he had developed a liking for web programming ever since he was a kid. He explored the various workings that came with this craft and dwelled deep into it to gain more knowledge. He always knew from the beginning that he would jump into entrepreneurship going ahead in life and was constantly working towards it. Lakshay recalls one incident which took place when he was young, which also played a major part in boosting his confidence and giving him that much-required push making him reach astounding heights, where he is positioned today. “Due to my immense liking towards web programming I used to participate in various competitions and in one such event my programming skills surprised the judges. The website that I developed was no less than the ones that are created by professional developers were the judge’s comments, which boosted my confidence to another level, and at that moment I made up my mind to make a career in this field and started working on it.

Lakshay has reached these astounding levels of success without any backing or support from any sources and is constantly thriving hard to achieve more milestones in his career. Stay tuned to know more about this young entrepreneur in the coming times.

He can be reached through his official website – www.lakshayjain.co or Instagram  & Facebook

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