Redefining Fashion: Jeannette & Slade Gives Back


In this day and age, the commercial landscape is saturated with corporate titans and towering business entities that have already established a reputable standing in their industries. However, the dominance of these powerhouses has not stopped small businesses from taking significant strides in leaving a mark on their respective sectors. In the case of Jeannette & Slade, an emerging luxury brand, it is shown that size does not matter in making a difference.

Jeannette & Slade is a handmade jeweled leather and accessories luxury brand owned and designed by Jeannette Mead of Napa, California, and Jeremy Slade of Oahu, Hawaii. Jeannette is a former model in Hawaii, Japan, and California. On the other hand, Jeremey is a former owner of Trustworthy Security LLC, which used to be the largest high-end retail security company in Hawaii. Together, the duo started a brand made by the loving hands of creative visionaries in Africa and South Africa.

Proving to be more than an esteemed luxury brand, Jeannette & Slade is also deemed as a beacon of resilience. Even at a difficult time with the COVID-19 pandemic, it continued to strive for greatness. Through the collaborative efforts of their friends Jutta, an independent designer, and Joe, a professional photographer in South Africa, it was able to sustain its support for local small businesses in the community. Together with UG-LEE, the brand is always on the lookout for empowering economic upliftment. The Jeannette & Slade brand has two stores, located in Kashmir Art Gallery 50 University Ave Suite D200 Los Gatos, California, and Blake Fine Arts 700 Cannery Row, Monterey, California.           

Standing at the helm of Jeannette & Slade, Jeannette Mead and Jeremy Slade believe that a small business is the backbone of the economy. “No matter how small you are, you are still capable of thriving and making it to the top while uplifting others along the way,” Jeremy said. Indeed, anything is possible for those who put their hearts and minds into the realization of their dreams and fulfillment of their goals.

On a mission to redefine the fashion industry, Jeannette & Slade emerges as an icon of creative vision and style. Aside from coming up with high-end luxury handbags and jewelry lines, it also takes an ethical stance with regard to the production of its products and the welfare of its employees. With its dedication to quality and social responsibility, this rising brand is on its way to becoming a force to be reckoned with.

As one of the foremost advocates of originality and individuality, Jeannette & Slade creates fashion pieces that are not only exquisite but are also unique. On top of being handmade, its luxury handbags and accessories are also divine in every way. Because each piece is one of a kind, purchasers would never have to worry about wearing the exact handbag as someone else.

Determined to give back to the community, Jeannette & Slade believes in slow fashion, fair trade, and ethical clothing. For this reason, the brand works with several small local businesses in Africa and South Africa that help the surrounding areas therein thrive and flourish. “Most of the people who do the work on our merchandise are female. In this way, these women are given equal opportunities as men in providing for their community,” the brand creators explained.

Jeannette & Slade merchandise follows fashion codes from across the globe. As a result, all of the brand’s exotic prints are embossed per California law. In fact, the three-ply ostrich feathers used on its handbags and accessories are always cut and not plucked to ensure the safety of the animal. Moreover, the workers are always paid a fair wage and are given sufficient time to rest.

In an interview, Jeannette Mead and Jeremy Slade shared that they created the brand because they wanted to build something unique and authentic. Above anything else, they wanted to make a positive difference in the community. “We deal with the small dealers, beaders, and more. We take the love of their work and integrate them into the Jeannette & Slade brand, which makes for a truly magnificent work of art,” the founders said.

With no plans of slowing down anytime soon, Jeannette & Slade is already in the early stages of designing luxury homewares and selective leather attires. As can be gleaned from its gleaming success, it is quickly becoming a world-renowned luxury brand.

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