Rico Torres: The Doctor better known for his entrepreneurial success


The story of Rico Torres is a gentle reminder that we can make whatever we want out of life, no matter the obstacle. All we need is the determination and persistence to go all the way and do the needful without backing down.

Growing up, Rico had it rough, and anyone in his shoes would have given up and resigned to fate, but Rico kept on fighting for the future he believed in. His parents emigrated from Columbia in South America to the United States, while his mother was pregnant with him. While in the United States, life wasn’t the best for Rico and his family. He shared a tiny room with his siblings, but that wasn’t the major concern. Their home was rarely peaceful, and it greatly affected Rico, but he kept  going nonetheless.

Growing up, Rico suffered from an eating disorder that affected his body weight. He was always at the receiving end of bullies due to his small size. It didn’t end there; he also had asthma and almost died from a jet-ski accident that needed surgery to reconstruct his face. All these never stopped him from staying focused to achieve his dream and make something great out of life. Rico believes that we all can achieve endless possibilities and can do anything irrespective of our background. It is this belief that made him want to empower, inspire, and entertain people.

Rico has a store called Ricogoodies.com, where he sells merchandise that reflects activism, health and fitness, spirituality, and goods. He uses his blog Ricotorresworld.com to discuss things needed for people to achieve success. On the blog, Rico shares insights for small businesses, personal budgeting basics, spirituality and growth, personal development affirmation, activism, science, and much more. The blog content demonstrates how one can excel in every area of life. 

Rico is an actor, model, influencer, producer, writer, activist, investor, and serial entrepreneur. He is involved in many businesses because he believes that possibilities are limitless and we can achieve whatever we want in life. Having previously suffered from an eating disorder that left him very thin, Rico used strength training to gain arm muscles and was able to break free from mental illness. Academically, Rico holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biological Health Sciences from the University of South Florida.

Today, Rico is a multi-talented figure in Hollywood. His works also extend to modeling, and he has had a successful modeling career. Rico has served as an ambassador for many brands like JC Penny, Target, Forever 21, and Adidas. He has also featured in BITMAP Magazine, Naluda Magazine, Medium Authority Magazine, and many others. 

Rico Torres is not only involved in entrepreneurial activities; he is also in humanitarian activities. His brand name RICO (Rich in Caring for Others) hopes to empower and inspire people to be the best version of themselves no matter the obstacles. 

Rico’s message to you out there is that nothing is a challenge because everything happens for a purpose. Believe in yourself and never allow anybody to tell you that you cannot do it. 

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