Riggo Alessandro, the trump card behind top notch exclusive individuals


Alessandro Riggio is a born entrepreneur turned philanthropist who helps businesses and celebrities improve their social media presence, gain endorsements and major collaborations. His second to none networking strategies help them connect with the audience and promote their brand. The man is driven by giving back as he donates his financial resources to communities and causes that need support. Riggio is living proof that by focusing on giving back, making a difference, and creating positive change, you will be satisfied with your life.

Coming to his role as a digital marketer, Riggio is an expert in this field as he has always been inclined towards cinema and social media. Social media helps you connect with your customers, increase awareness about your brand, and boost your leads and sales. Digital marketers are individuals who are in charge of driving brand awareness and lead generation through all the digital channels. Riggio provides his services to celebrities and brands from all over the world. Riggio’s clients range from actors, politicians, sportspersons, businessmen to models. Some of them include Singer Anitta, Sasha Sobhani, football player Douglas Costa, Alex Sandro, Pablo Moreno, model Sheyla Rojas, Paula Manzanal, Merisiel Irum, business man Massimo Tortorella and the dj Dimitri Vegas. Not to mention he also managed Gianluca Vacchi.

His team consists of talented content creators, journalists and, digital marketers who help him provide the best service to clients. His team of professionals are an expert in their particular fields and are able to cater to a wide range of clients. One of his clients is wizkid and worldwide in internet sensations Arat Hosseini. Riggio helped him discover content like video experts, collaborators, news professionals, and media professionals. Riggio continuously proves that he is number one in the industry and knows his job better than anyone. Professionals line up to work with him due to his work ethic and abilities. Along with being an incredible entrepreneur, Riggio is someone who always gives back.

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