Rosco P Makes Waves Across the Music Realm through the Launch of His EP D.R.U.G’s


Over the recent years, the accomplishments of several powerhouses across a variety of industries have fortified the notion that success is no longer reserved for the wealthy, powerful, and well-connected individuals. Countless established authorities, especially those that have secured reputable positions in highly cutthroat industries like the music and entertainment space, have exceptionally demonstrated that victories favor individuals who are determined to establish a name, catalyze change, and impact lives. One such power player who has consistently delivered success throughout the years is Rosco P, an emerging artist who is on his way to dominating the realms of music and entertainment with the release of his EP entitled D.R.U.G’s.

Widely acclaimed for his incredible work ethic, unparalleled talents, and impressive discography, Rosco P is a go-getting musician whose endeavors in the world of music and entertainment have propelled him to great heights. From establishing a name across a highly competitive space to writing songs that speak volumes of his passion for the craft, Rosco has managed to impress a number of established authorities and peers, making him one of the fastest-growing artists among his equally talented rivals. Today, he stands at the forefront of the music and entertainment industry, carving a success-enabling path of his own.

Hailing from Lansing, Michigan, Rosco P always had an incredible affinity towards beats, rhythm, and lyrics. Having grown in a household filled with passion-driven musicians, it comes as no surprise how this multi-talented artist developed an unparalleled knack for the craft. This potential powerhouse, who is known for his deep-seated love for music, is launching an EP soon, which is designed to inspire and capture the hearts of many listeners around the world.

Otherwise known as Dear Rager’s Ur Gods, D.R.U.G’s is an exceptional EP created by Rosco P himself. Housing a total of five songs in one, each track covers five different vibes designed to attract ragers and music enthusiasts worldwide. On top of that, the EP highlights Rosco’s full vocal range, enabling listeners to have a full grasp of this artist’s talents and capabilities. It also features an artist named Lil Jairmy, who is currently a rising star across Houston, Texas.

At the core of this artist’s rise to fame is the professionalism and work ethic he maintains from the get-go. Ever since he dipped his toes into the world of music, Rosco P has shown remarkable prowess towards his craft, demonstrating a passion-driven disposition and tenacious attitude. This go-getting musician emerges as one of the top artists across the industry not only because of his passion and talents but also for his exceptional attitude, putting in the extra effort to develop the right vantage point.

Aside from showing a spectacular display of talents through the launch of his EP and other pursuits, Rosco P is also widely acclaimed for his life outside his career. This self-starter is not only a powerhouse in the making in the music industry, but he is also a man who gives back to the community. From contributing to 96.5’s back-to-school giveaway to speaking in anti-bullying campaigns, Rosco is definitely more than what meets the eye.

As can be gleaned from the many initiatives that Rosco P has begun over the years, this power player is only getting started. With the launch of his EP, D.R.U.G’s, he hopes to see more aspirants listen to his material, inspiring and encouraging them to transform their visions through the beautifully written notes and lyrics of each track.

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