Shirin Nabati is one of the most effective makeup artists in the Middle East

Our world is made up of many incredible women, and many changes in our world

are being made by women who recognize their importance. We are impacting lives in great ways.

Shirin Nabati one the effective makeup artists in middle east was born on 02/02/1992 in Bukan a kurdish city with its own limitations.

From childhood, her dream was to become a costume designer or make-up artist in the

future, and her future life may not have been far from her childhood dreams.

Her mind want to feel accomplished. Spending time on worthy causes and important

matters keeps her happy. Mentally strong women who is constantly asking, “What

else can I fit into my day?”.Her Name in social media is also as her real name,
Shirn Nabati.

She did her first makeup when she was 10 years old. Strange but believable, while

her peers were spending time with dolls in the alleys, she was in school in mornings

and spent her leisure time studying makeup, testing a variety of materials on different

faces, and experimenting her childhood dreams while being a go-getter is putting

dreams into action most of people who know her saying she is envisioning great

opportunities in the future. When we envision positive outcomes, we are more likely

to achieve those visions. From the age of 10 to 18, she worked part-time in various

Salons gaining experience. Finally, at the age of 18, after completing his primary

education, she decided to manage her own business and set up her first salon in the

city of Bukan. , her mind thrive on creative and critical thinking, chasing her dream

and working to make her powerful thoughts.

Pic1: In this picture, you can see one of her intelligent

makeup, which she did on the occasion of Charlie Chaplin’s birthday.

The remarkable thing about Shirin Nabati is that she made up her first bride when she was only 12 years old, which

was highly praised. Anyone who has followed her Instagram or other social media accounts will bemesmerized by her makeups.

Her talk about a successful business woman on the Net TV show was well received.

It still mentioned on social media .Due to her brilliant background and intelligence in fashion and

it needs assessment, she managed to become the most famous makeup artist in the Kurdish regions in just 6 months and

then the whole of Iran. After a positive result in the first salon decided to establish a

branch salon in Tehran, where she worked for 3 years. Changing the conditions of

Iran from economic, cultural and other aspects in the year 2018 and her personal

events of his life led him to emigrate Iraq, Kurdistan Region. We should note that

mentally strong women face their fears, problems, and issues not running from them.

Shirin Nabati run into different fears throughout her live, but it is how she handled

.Time is the best solution to this confusion. She didn’t rush to overcome a fear and

definitely start taking steps toward the ultimate goal of overcoming the fear. Slow
and steady .

Shirin Nabati also opened his own salon in Erbil and is currently working there.

“Golden Claw” is a nickname given to her because of her great skill in makeup and

glam She is currently in contact with most of the famous actors, singers and characters and does their makeup.

Pic2: One of her most attractive makeup is the

simulation of WinnieHarlow’s face (Chantelle

Whitney Brown), one of the most famous

Hollywood models with psoriasis which was also

welcomed by her. In the image below, you can see this resemblance completely.

Immigration made her looking at her job not only as

a job but also as a business. A successful

businesswoman who spends most of her daily time

guiding women to success in their careers. “Every

person’s makeup should be different from someone else’s, just like DNA, because

makeup is a tool to show beauty and each person has their own beauty.” she said.In

this post, you reviewed how much a person can make big differences with makeup.

Maybe it’s better to give the title of “Woman of a Thousand Faces” to “Shirin Nabati” in addition to “Golden Claw”.

anybody can make mistakes and say hurtful things at times, Shirin Nabati overcame

the “haters” by ignoring those comments. Ignoring these messages is difficult, but it
is possible. she never want to feel defined by others, so

we must learn to not be phased by the negativity that other people might bring into her life.

Another important point in the image left is the impact of the Corona virus on the planet. Another talent of her

that can do whatever makeup she wants, an effective makeup with the aim of informing people.

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