This Consciousness Pioneer Teaches Misfits and Mavericks How To Succeed In Business


In life and business, people have a craving to belong – they want to find their tribe. Lorna Gabriel never felt that way and failed to see how she had anything of value to give. 

The founder of the groundbreaking consulting company, Luxe Godhead, Lorna has turned what many would see as a flaw into a global multi-million dollar innovation and supernatural branding firm. Abandoning all the traditional rules, Lorna set herself on a course that aligned with her personal spiritual path and unlocked the secrets that would enable her clients to forge ahead in businesses that reflected their personal passions. 

Her philosophy, and her unique approach to business, are the foundations of her self-made empire that has launched an impressive number of start-up millionaires. Lorna is the first to admit, it took time for things to make sense. 

Defining a new paradigm for the maverick misfits 

She woke up in her parents’ house at the age of 42, a broke and broken single mother. Initially found to have severe mood and anxiety disorder, 18 months later she was diagnosed as bipolar with PTSD. She’d had suicide ideation and suffered from crippling depression. For 20 years she had helped build and run multi-million dollar businesses in corporate America until she suffered a complete mental and spiritual breakdown. 

“I woke up one day so miserable, I was living with my parents who I wasn’t especially close to and it came to me – I’m a disruptor. I’ve been struggling to find any real meaning in my life since I was young. I realized that there are other people out there like me and I could put my marketing and branding experience to work for them, the conscious business innovators, to actually make a difference and find what I’ve been missing,” says Lorna. 

Today she is being billed as the female Tony Robbins, a guiding light for innovators, conscious business leaders, she is at the forefront of identifying a new way of doing business. 

“I can sit down with a business owner and within minutes I can see the uniqueness of their offering. When I meet people with a mission behind their business, I know how to sell that, I know exactly how to guide them to successful outcomes. They are mavericks, they are disruptors, they are creating new markets and new ways of doing business. Like Steve Jobs did when he created the iPhone and apps, he was building a future market that didn’t yet exist,” she explains. 

Lorna’s success in business lay in sales. She inherently knew how to attract market share, how to refine the message that consumers wanted to hear and she worked with her bosses and her clients – she knew how to get a yes. 

Innovative Consciousness

Lorna’s company made $1 million in its first year of operation – in spite of the fact she had no experience in online business and against all conventional advice offered by traditional systems, she then built her company in the midst of a global pandemic to US$2 million in sales, landing her biggest ever single client for a consulting fee of US$250,000, nearly unheard of in this industry.  

Her expertise in branding, sales, and marketing has been put to work with companies that are guided by innovative consciousness. She has created her own healing modality that is incorporated into her business practices, a modality that guided her to wellness and success and is integrated into her business life.

Her life has changed in every way since she discovered her calling, she has recovered from the mental illnesses that plagued her without any medication, she has found her purpose, found her feet and although she loathes to admit it, she has finally found her UnTribe.

Lorna has assembled a team that includes advanced business, creative and spiritual geniuses she calls the Dark Dream Team. Together they are shattering existing paradigms of iconic branding, entrepreneurialism, genius, spiritual awakening, and the new laws of manifestation that are the source of financial, physical, and emotional success. 

Her clients, much like Lorna herself, have lived at odds with the status quo and are here to challenge it and, in the process, express their true genius. 

“Genius is something they all have in common, they are creating new paths, they are conscious business leaders, they are disruptive innovators in the true sense,” explains Lorna. 

‘Disruptors’ has become a catchphrase for business following a book penned by Clayton Christensen in 1997 called The innovator’s Dilemma. Marketers have adopted the phrase to launch new products and create business models that talk the talk but don’t always walk the walk. It has become almost meaningless in its overuse. 

Her clients have emerged as highly respected thought leaders and revolutionaries who deliver keynotes to thousands and share the stage with bestselling authors like Marianne Williamson (A Woman’s Worth, and Healing The Soul Of America). They’ve studied with and been mentored by such business luminaries as John Maxwell (The 5 Levels of Leadership) and Bob Proctor (You Were Born Rich, The ABCs of Success).

Disruptor Innovation

Lorna understands the true meaning of the phrase disruptor innovation and she helps her clients create brands that are defined by innovation, consciousness and are often creating markets that did not formerly exist. 

In healing herself, she created a healing modality that has been called groundbreaking. Shadow Alchemy is being launched this year and is already being hailed as an effective tool to achieve rapid transformation. She has used the unique tools to heal her own mental illness and undergo her own transformation that is fuelled by her life story; from a suicidal single mother to a 7-figure business owner guided by her skills, intuition, and her guiding principles. 

“Once I found the path, I ran. Everything inside said Go! I went further than I knew I could, and faster than I believed possible. I am talking about everything I absorbed, all the life lessons, all the years of questioning and changing lives. Businesses only make sense when there is a mission, a consciousness, a why. My clients already have the WHY, I show them HOW,” says Lorna. 

Bridging the gap between spiritual consciousness and innovative business is not a leap for Lorna, whose business website is anything but traditional. Part oracle, part business leader, her blogs ride wildly between wisdom, knowledge, self-mastery and present a totally original and at times confronting look at how to manifest your idea into a success story. 

Luxe Godhead is not a one-size-fits-all consulting company, her clients are intuitively drawn to her, and vice versa. As she weaves her way to international success turning thought leaders into tomorrow’s business leaders, the recognition that she is a disruptive innovator herself continues to expand her client base. 

“My clients are the misfits, the mavericks, the ones who don’t fit anywhere, and that is where their genius lies. I am sure that the day I set up this consulting business there were a lot of people who wrote me off, scratched their heads, and didn’t understand. That’s good, that’s excellent, that is who I am,” says Lorna.

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