Three important fashion tips from Mariya Nasirian

Mariya nasirian born 13 April 1990 and place of born Shiraz ,Iran.

I have been graduated in business management in Isfahan university and

currently living in Istanbul and it’s been about 5 years since I

started modeling and I’ve worked with brands like Hotic ,kip,Eforand amnesia.

1: Having a strong will to enter the world of modeling

To enter the world of modeling, you must be determined and have a strong will, because you have to endure many hardships.

The question may arise in your mind, what are the difficulties of taking a few photos or a live modeling show, and this is very easy.

But you should know that the difficulties of this job go back to before the

stage of taking photos and live shows, because you have to follow a special

diet and do not use any fatty and high-calorie foods, and do not eat soft

drinks and any harmful drinks Avoid and spend a lot of time daily on

exercise and care about the health of your skin and hair and beauty and use

foods that tighten your skin and avoid smoking and care about your fitness Give.

Most importantly, you need to acquire the knowledge of this profession and learn how to pose and how to walk. Mariya nasirian

2: Creativity and innovation to enter the world of modeling

Creativity and innovation are among the most important topics in the fashion world.

Because creativity and innovation cause the person not to see the defects

that appear in his appearance (for example: deviation of the nose) and find

his place in the world of fashion by replacing attractive and unique methods.

Creativity and innovation can draw a line against the thinking that to enter

the world of modeling and modeling, you must have a beautiful face and tall and light skin without any wrinkles.

Because the audience is looking for your creativity and uniqueness, and if

you can see well and analyze well and finally present well, you can

certainly communicate with the audience more effectively, as such models during History has not been short. Mariya nasirian

3: Teaching and learning modeling science to enter the world of modeling

One of the basic and important principles to become a model is teaching

and learning modeling science because modeling science can guide you

with how to pose, how to walk, how to look, how to smile, the principles of live show and how to make an impact.

It is desirable to acquaint the audience and…. In order to become a

successful model, you must have a lot of perseverance along with interest

and do professional exercises while advanced training, in which case you

can cultivate the art of being a model and fertilize it.

To be a model, you will face a change in lifestyle in the long run, and this

lifestyle change will also change your appearance and personality, and in fact, it will affect your soul and psyche. Mariya nasirian

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